@cocosworld tweets cleavage for her Twitter following!

Just came home,ripped off my top for Titty Tuesday,put my hair back,making my man dinner & talkin 2 my Twitter peeps


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@cocosworld tweets Guns and Big Butts do Mix, she can handle that recoil NP!

#TeamGhost & I are ready to shoot it up!Check out this video of me rockin camo & big guns! @ghostrecon baby!>
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@cocosworld tweets hot leopard print bra and thong

cocosworld, Chillin on Titty Tuesday catching up w/business & doing phone interviews.Can’t go wrong w/wearing leopard print bra
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@cocosworld tweets smoking hot big booty pic

cocosworld, My shameless promotion>>>> http://t.co/fIdBjGSa


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@cocosworld tweets sexy cleavage pic

 cocosworld, Remember earlier my driver was picture-blocking me?We’ll I said,screw it,let him look while I take a sexy pic in the b… http://t.co/9pD9WEHZ


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@cocosworld tweets hot pic of her holding a gun

cocosworld, I bet you didn’t know I can handle a gun.Check me out as part of #teamghost @ghostrecon http://t.co/V52fregF


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@cocosworld tweets pic in a short dress

cocosworld, Pic of the day- Do think this dress is short enough? http://t.co/WwGZES5e


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@cocosworld tweets a hot thong selfpic, girl got talent!

cocosworld %tag @cocosworld tweets a hot thong selfpic, girl got talent!
cocosworld, Did you almost miss thong Thursday? I didn’t,I was up on my game> http://t.co/qcvoHGka


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@cocosworld tweets the hottest pic for Titty Tuesday!

cocosworld %tag @cocosworld tweets the hottest pic for Titty Tuesday!

cocosworld: Its Titty Tuesday! Lets get it cracken,girls……show um off with pride! Guys wish they had um..LOL http://t.co/pqhRunPZ


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@cocosworld tweets her fiery Superhero look

cocosworld, This is my “Titty Tuesday” Superhero Look..Don’t mess with Coco you might feel some heat.LOL http://t.co/wMKQTpJn
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@cocosworld tweets for #ThongThursdays and it is big and round

cocosworld, Crack is not wack when it comes to Coco’s Thong Thursdays!! Yay for #BootyCrack ..LOL http://t.co/ahEoxzJE

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@cocosworld tweets no thong today

 cocosworld, I guess its Thongless Thursday!What a shocker,I forgot panties this morning.On Law & Order set,can’t go home & get them http://t.co/FNw8ijNr

Coco on WhoSay


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